Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KB Swings/Squats/Pushpress/Burpees

anyone for a few FLYING burpees?
100 calf-raises
2:00 (accumulated) L-sit holds
50 toes to fingers
50 double unders
25 situps

One Round for Time--
100 kettlebell swings (1 pood)
75 jumping squats
50 pushpress (65#)
5 burpees

Needy Child=>Piecemeal Workout

50 KB swings, 1 pood
50 double unders
50 jumping squats
30 push-ups
50 OH walking lunge, 25#plate
(25 bilateral weight-carry/12 right-hand carry/13 left-hand carry)
5 burpees
10 knees to elbows

I threw together what I could while the babe didn't need me...

Turned out to be a good workout after all.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Run.

30 static pullups
30 jumping squats
2 x 30 sec. L-sit holds
30 knees to elbows
2:00 front plank
1:00 side plank (each side)

5K snow-run

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not That I Feel Obligated to Race Again...

...BUT now I really should meet the director to offer him my personal thanks for his kindness, humor (and sympathy):
Remember the "HALF TURNAROUND" sign that was UPSed to me a couple of weeks ago? Well, I received a follow-up email from the marathon director.

I am glad it finally got to you, it took a while for me to track it down at the warehouse. You definitely earned it. I hope you come back next year so I can meet you. (I will be at our Expo booth in Little Rock and OKC as well if you are going to either of those races.)

Your story is one of my all time favorites from our race.


Chris Lieberman

Executive Director

Tulsa Route 66 Marathon, Inc.

(What a nice guy.) Seems he's covered his bases; he'll be at three upcoming registration expos. Which gives me the option of running the Little Rock Marathon (which a friend invited me to run with her), the OKC Memorial Marathon, or the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon. (And I have a second-cousin who thinks my next challenge should be the Marine Corps Marathon, to be held in her town of Washington D.C..)

Hmm... Now to decide...

Friday, December 25, 2009


50 pushups
50 jumping squats
50 weighted lunges, 30# overhead
50 mountain climbers
50 dumbbell (kettlebell) swings, 35#
1:00 jump rope
1.75 mile bike ride
800 m run

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Jump Up Cindy"

50 steps weighted (25#) lunge

60 mountain climbers

5 L-sit holds, 30 secs.

10 knees to elbows, 7 sets

WOD: self-modified workout
"Jump up Cindy"

AMRAP* 20 minutes

5 pullups

10 pushups
15 JUMPING squats
20 situps

*as many rounds as possible

front plank 2:00

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lunges, Squats...and "Sucking in the Gut"

Last night was void of any REAL workout, but as I waited for our seamstress to arrive for the bridesmaid dress-fitting, I warmed up with a few squats and lunges...

After that was over, I found this: (THIS is obsession, folks.)

Whether you’re an Oscar nominee or a new mom with an upcoming high school reunion, these tricks will get you into that va-va-voom dress without splitting the seams.

You Will Need

  • An anti-bloat mini-diet
  • A colonic irrigation
  • A lymphatic-drainage massage
  • A slenderizing body wrap
  • Body-slimming undergarments

Check with your doctor before embarking on any quick weight-loss technique. Losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous.


Step 1: Get rid of the bloat

Get rid of the bloat. Four days before the big event, stop eating foods that encourage your body to retain water, like salt, white bread, and pasta, and foods that cause gas, like broccoli and cauliflower. And stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol, and carbonated beverages, which also can cause bloating by irritating your gastrointestinal tract.

Don’t chew gum—it makes you swallow air, which then gets trapped in your tummy, causing it to swell.


Step 2: Get cleaned out

On the morning of your event, get a colonic irrigation. Some people are as much as seven pounds lighter afterward.

Some stars book themselves into a spa before the Oscars for a week of juice fasting and daily colonics.


Step 3: Drain your face

Go for a facial—but not just any kind. Have one that includes a lymphatic-drainage massage, which will draw fluid and trace toxins out of your face, and puffiness along with it.


Step 4: Wrap it up

Have a body wrap. The secret of many A-list stars, it can make you a whole size smaller—for your special night, anyway—by ridding your body of water weight and tightening the skin.


Step 5: Pack it in

Add some insurance by wearing one of the many body-slimming undergarments on the market. That way, even if you abuse the canapes, you’ll still be safe!

Some slimming undergarments are made of a fabric that, with repeated wearing, supposedly reduces cellulite!


Monday, December 21, 2009

LEGS do this!

30 pull-ups
30 push-ups
50 steps,overhead walking lunge (25#)
60 mountain climbers
1x20 single leg thrusts, each side

20 back squats, 85#
100 steps walking lunge
20 back squats, 85#
50 box jumps, 24" box
50 box STEPS, 24" box (25/leg)
50 deep calf raises
50 sit-ups

2:00 front plank

Another Day, Another Run.

Another 5K run...on another warm December day.Maybe next time I'll try running in stilettos. Looks flashy!
(Only in Europe...Berlin, to be exact.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

KB swings/Thrusters/Pull-ups

2x10 Single Leg Thrusters (1 set/leg)
50 Sit-ups
50 Squats
20 Push-ups
2x10 Single Leg Thrusters (1 set/leg)

3x30 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)
3x20 Barbell Thrusters (55#)
4x5 Dead-hang pull-ups (mixed grip)
2:00 front plank


My friend, Laura, posted this pistol (one-legged squat) demonstration on her website... This is EXTREME!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Williams Route 66 Marathon...Consolation Prize

Following the marathon, I received this email:
I really enjoyed reading your blog about the Route 66 Marathon. I am
sorry that happened but I love the ending! I am proud of you. I thought
you might like this photo. Also, please confirm your mailing address. I
have something else I want to send you.


Chris Lieberman
Executive Director

The Route 66 Marathon - November 20, 2010
The Route 66 Quarter Marathon - August 7, 2010

to which I replied:
Hi, Chris.

Yes. That is where I got "turned around", literally. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the Route 66 Marathon. I pushed myself beyond my imaginable limits. It was a test of my discipline, determination, and perseverance. I was inspired and motivated throughout; the marathon volunteers (from hydration stations to police officers) were VERY supportive. Being my second marathon, I was VERY pleased with the overall experience.

My mailing address is:

Thank you,

and finally:
Christy, your post definitely portrayed that. I loved the post and your story even though I am sure it must have been a horrible feeling once you realized what you had done. It all ended in something you should be very proud of. That is why I am sending you a little something to remember it by.


Chris Lieberman

Executive Director


(the ORIGINAL which the memorable mistake occurred...and a half-marathon finisher medal)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


50 steps, walking lunge (25# plate overhead)

AMRAP 20 mins*
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats
20 sit-ups

planks (front)
(side) L 1:00 R 1:00
single-leg thrusts 20/side
deep calf-raises 100/side

*as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Legs. Legs. Legs.

"Imagine having flawless-looking legs in an instant."
I'm not buying it; I think I'll stick to exercise.

Since my legs were the only usable portion of my body yesterday, I developed my workout specifically for leg-work. And WORK they did...

20 Back Squats, 85#
100 steps walking lunge
20 Back Squats, 85#
100 Box Jumps, 24" box
20 Back Squats, 85#
100 deep calf raises (on stairs)
100 steps walking lunge

Here's what my legs felt like after I finished:
Gotta LOVE that JELLO-feeling!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WANTED: Strength

Although my motivation to work out has waned since the marathon, I HAVE found it.

Now, where did I put my STRENGTH?
(I think I left it back...somewhere...before marathon-training.)

Angie Get Your Run (self-modified WOD)
100 Pull-ups
400 m run
100 Push-ups
800 m run
100 sit-ups
400 m run
100 squats (40 OHS, 45#/60 regular air squat)

My time was so pathetic in the pull-ups (my hands have lost their callousness and the cold bar leaves me wanting more grip) that I NEVER started the clock. My push-ups were WEAK, due to the prior day's WOD and cooldown planks. (My shoulders are the epitome of pain right now.) The runs were actually the nicest part of this workout; 34-degree weather FORCES the speed to increase dramatically!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easing into Winter...SORE TODAY.

2x20 Single Leg Thrusters (1 set/leg)
3x20 Romanian Deadlifts, 115#
3x20 Front Squats (65#-75-75)
3x5 Dead-hang pull-ups
3x20 Push Press, 75#
50 situps
planks (2:00 front/1:00 each side)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weighting for Winter?

Is it the cold that causes folks to become less motivated this time of year?

Whatever it is, I'm feeling it.


Isn't that cute little bridesmaid's dress (the one I'll be wearing in two months) motivation enough? Two months is JUST ENOUGH TIME to gain a size. And I CANNOT afford to GAIN a size right now.

See you at the gym!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back into the Swing...

4x10 Single Leg Thrusters (2 sets/leg)
50 Sit-ups
30 Squats
30 Push-ups

Workout: 3x30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5pood-1.5pood-1.5 [12reps]/1 pood [18reps])
3x20 Barbell Thrusters (65#-65-65)
4x5 Dead-hang pull-ups

2:00 front plank
1:00 side plank (each side)