Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

OKC Memorial Marathon 2010

Yesterday's race was a little different for me than in year's past. I wasn't racing, save racing with my sons in the 1.2 mile Kid's Marathon. Although very different than my previous experiences, this certainly was a treat.

Matthew, however, ran the first two legs on his company's relay team. It amounted to 15K...roughly nine miles. For both of us, NOT running a longer race was a necessary and most decent compromise, considering the magnitude of our primary commitment for the day. We were slated to perform Felix Mendelssohn's oratorio, Elijah, in the afternoon. Any long race would serve in fatiguing the body...and interesting enough, the voice.

It was fun to spend the morning with friends in marathon activities, gearing up for our afternoon.

Talk about adrenaline-rush! It was wonderful!

Friday, April 23, 2010

30-minute Run

Woman of Muscle*...
my friend and CFOKC trainer, Laura (
Laura, you're a machine...and an inspiration of feminine muscle.
THIS is what a good workout should do to all of us. :)

50m overhead walking lunge, 45# overhead (bilateral)
50m overhead walking lunge, 25# overhead (25m/side)
25 knees to elbows
25 back extensions

30-minute run

*photo courtesy CFOKC

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tonight's game was PHYSICAL...I'm already feeling it in the innermost parts of my body.

Yet, while suffering through pain, I'm satisfied...I'll take the hits while I can.

Pickup soccer games are always too few in number. (Can you tell I'm ready for next week?)

"Jackie" get your row on!

50 pushups
1:00 single handstand hold
50 overhead walking lunge, 45#
25 knees to elbows
25 situps
25 glute-ham situps
25 back extensions

1000 m row
50 thrusters, 45# (women's rx'd weight is 33#, not sure why I used #45, but I KNOW it slowed me down)
30 pull-ups


Monday, April 19, 2010

to DRESS or not to DRESS

I am 5'2" AND athletically built--NOT a good combination when it comes to shopping for clothing, in general.

Particularly, I have a terrible time finding dresses that fit. My lat muscles are a little above average in size, and I really have inherited a barrel-chest. My height DOES make it difficult to find dresses, and my build makes it doubly hard, if I want to look at all feminine IN the dress. (Did I mention I most of the time feel like a MAN in a dress?)

I was hopeful that other women had the same problem, and in turn, could offers tips on where to shop. Annie Sakamoto, Crossfit legend and personal trainer at Crossfit Santa Cruz Central (wife and mom of two), has never failed to be helpful with certain of my fitness questions that her male counterparts couldn't answer. Namely, Crossfit and pregnancy was our hot topic a couple years ago, as we were both pregnant around the same time. She offered some great advice regarding workout modifications.

So, just for fun, I emailed her and asked her where she shops for dresses... I assumed she may be able to give me some direction, as she is 1) 5'2" and 2) athletically-built.

This was one of her two replies:

I've never gotten anything tailored (maybe one or two pants hemmed) and usually I just cut the bottoms off of the jeans I buy. Totally pathetic when it comes to dressing in anything other than Lulu. I remember thinking, I'll never be one of those frumpy moms who wears sweats and doesn't do their hair--and guess what? The only step up is my sweats are sometimes kinda 'fancy'. Oh well.
I must've been inspired by your email, because for whatever reason I tried to throw on a dress to go to my folks house for family dinner tonight. Took it right off. Tight in the arms and baggy in the chest...
Maybe someone will want to make some money and start a 'Crossfit' ladies line. Jeans that fit our legs and butts, tanks and tees that fit our lats and shoulders, dresses we can take off without ripping the side seams......
I attached a couple photos of my kids as well.
Talk to you soon!!

I found her response humorous, and a little revealing. I've considered the personal tailor idea...that involves an added expense and a certain level of effort I find difficult to muster when it involves finding something to wear. After having a dress fitted for a recent wedding I was in, I remembered how fun it was to wear a dress! The FUN lies in the femininity...which does NOT require a DRESS. I simply must realize my goal is fitness overall, while maintaining a femininity my body-type will allow. Throughout the last five years, I have modified my workouts to adjust for LESS bulking up, and more toning and endurance focus. I have realized I possess an intense love for racing, and I enjoy my one hour per day of exercise.

Balance is the word. Contentment is the idea. Learning to shop and dress to fit my lifestyle and desired femininity is the goal.

And until that Crossfit/Women of Muscle line is created, the shopping part will just require a lot more time and effort.

(Hey, Annie, maybe we could start the line ourselves!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3x20 Deadlifts...and more.

3x20 deadlifts 115-135-155
3x15 GH situps
3x15 K2E
50 jumping squats
50 forward lunges (30 unweighted, 20 w/25# overhead)
50 pushups
50 calf-raises

planks--front 1:00 weighted (Brendan on back ~30 pounds), 1:00 unweighted
side 1:00 per side

Monday, April 12, 2010

LEGS do this!

60 mountain climbers
15 pull-ups
25 GH situps
30 back ext.
30 push-ups

20 back squats, 85#
100 steps walking lunge, 25# overhead
20 back squats, 85#
50 box jumps, 24" box
20 back squats. 85#
50 box STEPS, 24" box (25/leg)
20 back squats, 85#
25 deep calf raises

walk and playground play with the family

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Note to Self:

NEVER again allow three weeks to go by without a workout.

After playing two pick-up soccer games the last two weeks, I am realizing the detrimental effects of the lack of sufficient exercise. I felt slower. I felt more winded. My overall capacity for power, strength, or endurance had dramatically decreased.

I don't like that feeling.

After spring cleaning and a period of a mildly (although welcomed) interrupted routine, I am back into the swing...and it feels great. Hurray for endorphins!

50 steps walking lunge, 25# medicine ball overhead
25 GH situps
25 back extensions
25 knees to elbows
25 bar dips
3 L-sit holds, 30 sec. each

WOD: self-modified workout
"Jump up Cindy"

AMRAP* 20 minutes

5 pullups

10 pushups
15 JUMPING squats
20 situps

*as many rounds as possible